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Know More About our history

About AbuAuf

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Abu Auf Beginning

Abu Auf’s family have a long history that started in the 1950s. They were trading in dates, coconuts, and simple goods.
They gave money to travelers to purchase these goods from Iraq to buy these goods, With the growth of trade, traders were getting some nuts that were not known in Egypt before.


Abu Auf Genesis

The new generation of the Auf family decided to establish a brand in 2010 under the name of Abu Auf to offer nuts, coffee, and various healthy items and dried foods.
Abu Auf's name has earned the trust of many in a short period of time as the company has worked to increase the diversity of products while maintaining their quality.


More Expansion And Presence

We now have more than 30 branches, and our products are found in more than 90 huge supermarkets

With coffee that has become indispensable to many and healthy foods that have helped many in maintaining their bodies; Abu Auf's responsibility has expanded to reach different regions and governorates in Egypt where we now have more than 30 branches, Our products are found in more than 90 huge supermarkets.


A better experience than wherever

We offer an amazing online experience that is no less than buying from our branches to deliver you your favorite products on the same day with all trusted payment methods anytime and anywhere in Egypt.


Just The Beginning

Abu Auf's ambitions have not stopped here but extended far as the Abu Auf brand prepares to take its distinctive products to new Egyptian governorates and various European countries while continuing to offer new premium products to our huge list of healthy products.